What is Fintech?

Financial technology is the new technology and innovation which aims to outpace traditional banking methods in the provision of financial services. It is also an emerging field which makes use of cutting-edge technology to enhance financial activities in finance. This includes development of software, solutions and platforms for managing financial resources. This technology is also used to deliver customized financial services and products to various sectors of customers. Financial technology also helps in developing efficient systems that meet diverse requirements of various customers and various organizations.

The main areas of focus for fintech are cash and check processing, electronic billing, direct marketing, customer relationship management, and integrated billing systems. Finance and banking have been one of the most crucial segments in terms of business. With the advent of internet, all types of businesses can reach out to a larger audience. Apart from providing customers with improved customer support and facilities, it has also been contributing in growth of financial institutions. Internet-based banking services can provide better and more secure online transactions for both customers and financial institutions.

The term used for fintech is technologies and innovations which provide financial services to consumers at lower costs. The main components of fintech are software, computer science, economics, accounting and information science. These components together contribute towards delivering cost-effective and efficient financial services to consumers. Some of the important players in the field of fintech are banks, processors, financial institutions, card companies, and electronic payment companies such as PayPal. The development of fintech has helped banks to reduce their operational costs, and increase profitability.

Today, banks offer a wide range of fintech services that help customers make financial decisions. Online banking, mobile banking, real-time online trading and online brokerage are some of the major offerings. Apart from online banking, many banks offer mobile banking to its customers. In addition, online trading options like foreign exchange and equities have also been introduced to consumers. These services help in reducing financial risks. Some other major areas of fintech activity are estate and equities trading, commodities trading, derivatives, insurance and asset management.

Internet has provided a way to reach people through their computers. This has led to the emergence of many investment advisory services. These advisory services have come up as fintech firms providing financial advice and money management tips to customers. They advise individuals on investment decisions, and help in investment planning. Many people rely on these investment advisory firms for expert advice on investment issues.

Online brokerage is another area of fintech activities where customers interact directly with financial institutions. It allows traders to trade in stocks and shares directly without going through brokers. Many online brokerage firms have come up in recent times as trading companies. Many traders also go for this option when they wish to sell or buy particular stocks or currencies. Apart from trading stocks and shares, traders can also deal in options, futures trading, forex trading, and options trading.