What Will the Next Ten Years Hold For Fintech?

Financial technology is nothing but the new technology and innovation which aims to replace traditional financial instruments in the provision of financial solutions. Financial technology is a fast developing sector which is seeing tremendous growth in the coming years. It is also seen growing consumer demand for financial products and services. The main aim behind the innovation is to provide better financial services to the consumers at better margins. Thus, it helps to meet the needs and demands of customers who are looking forward to make financial transactions and purchases.

In order to capitalize over the increasing competition in the financial services space, the banks have introduced many innovations and new schemes. Apart from that, it also intends to bring new ideas and principles which help the consumers to deal with financial issues in an easy and reliable manner. Hence, many benefits are being offered by the fintech industries for the consumers. Let us discuss how fintech concepts and practices can benefit the consumers.

The introduction of online banking is seen as one of the major innovations which has added value to the lives of consumers. The benefits of online banking are endless, since it helps to save money, time, effort and other resources. Furthermore, consumers can manage their finance and spend their money without any delays and without any complications. This aspect has been improved further along with introduction of internet based mobile banking services in many countries. The major beneficiaries of online savings and finances include low income group families, people with limited mobility and aged people.

Since the introduction of financial products like insurance and investment products, the role of banks has also increased. However, with introduction of fintech services, there is reduction in the role of banks altogether. Moreover, the role of banks is to transfer funds from the accounts of consumers to that of their respective investments. With reduction in the overall expenses and with less paperwork, financial advisors and technocrats believe that customers prefer online banking for their savings and finance needs rather than traditional banking.

The next decade holds promises for advancement in many sectors including information technology. It is projected that by the end of the next decade, many business processes would be completely automated. Fintechs have started adapting to the changes taking place in various sectors. They have designed new and efficient systems which help consumers and businesses manage their finances and savings. The introduction of internet and mobile internet based applications has further enhanced the role of fintechs. Apart from its direct benefits to consumers and businesses, fintech has provided a great platform to researchers and technocrats to research and suggest innovative solutions to real-time problems.

Financial advisors and experts believe that the impact of fintech will be felt during the next two to five years. It is difficult to predict the future, but everyone agrees that the impact will be huge. The first wave of development can be observed in areas such as online banking and mobile banking. Many experts think that fintech will adopt innovative solutions to tackle the challenges presented by these sectors. Mobile apps may also make financial transactions more convenient.